Cover Letter            The “Roar of Silence” is probably

5 Jun

Cover Letter

            The “Roar of Silence” is probably my most thought out piece in the class. It started out as spooky story assignment by using the first sentence that teacher gave you. My inspiration came the Discovery Channel “When wild animals attack”. I use one of their stories as a jumping point, the piece took me about three weeks to complete. I wrote the first draft in couple of days then after that I revised the story for the next three weeks, changing a few words here or there also changing the structure of the sentence. I didn’t do any outlining or brainstorming everything came from the top of my head. What really help me to write this story that I didn’t work on everyday. I would take two or three days off before I would go back and revised the story and help me cause every time I came back to it I always had fresh ideas to add. I knew how I wanted to end it my problem was the middle part of the story on how everything was going lead up to the ending of the story. This assignment was meaningful to me cause it a lot effort and ideas to make it work. Everyday I would look up words on the thesaurus cause I didn’t like using the words over and over and I check all spelling and grammar to make sure the story made sense and wasn’t confusing to the reader. 



5 Jun

                                    Cover Letter

            The “Where Im from” poem was a challenging assignment. The poem wanted to know who I was as a person and what were my values. There was a lot thought that went into the process. I talked about my childhood and what I used to do with my family, because I didn’t write a poem since high school I had tough time writing it. I wanted to my poem to have meaning and tried to make it rhythm, but didn’t workout as plan so I used the format that was given in class and I had better success at it. The poem was very meaningful to me, because I writing about my life and I wanted people who I was as a person. I used the brainstorm format by writing down my childhood and my upbringing. I found several good ideas I can write and I used almost all them. I did get stuck writing this poem it was during my brainstorming where I was trying to remember something good and exciting about my life so it took me awhile to find something good to put down. I knew I was finish with the poem when I read to myself and I felt this was a good piece to share with the class. 


COVER LETTER child book For the child book I

5 Jun

COVER LETTER child book


For the child book I brainstormed so much it hurt my head but I also had fun. Yes-used inspiration I had the courage to. No I did not start writing. I needed time to think about it and so see if everything looked the same. Yes my little nephew helped me make the drawing. Yes I read it out loud couple of times to make sure I did the right corrections. I also read it to my friends brother and sister they liked it a lot.

I had so much fun writing this book for the little ones.


Reynaldo solorioPicture writing   While I was looking at this

5 Jun

Reynaldo solorio

Picture writing




While I was looking at this picture. I was thinking of so many things. Things that I wished it would happen to me for a day just to feel the same way these people are feeling. Because im sure these people are probably thinking the same way as us. They are probably thinking on how cool and easy life is for us. This picture makes me think on how thankful to have a safe home and friends I can trust on. Going to school and not having to worry about how anything but homework. This picture breaks my heart a little having to see children being forced to work. Sometimes I just wonder how hard life would be if we wore in there shoes. So my question is. What would you do if you wore one of them.


What I did this weekend I went to

5 Jun

What I did this weekend I went to the mall with me my friend from MT sac. We had fun I went to go shopping and got a hat and some fresh ass shoes. After I came back from the mall I went to the hospital to go see my friends newborn baby. I got home and went to my friends’ house to play some video games. Today in MT sac I met a new friend. His mane is Ahmed I he is from ygipt. He says that here in America is totally different and he really likes it better from where he is from. He lives with his mom dad and his 2 brothers. He is a really nice and smart guy to hang out with he likes to party and have fun. He also is a hard worker. Today after class I have to go buy my math book and my business brook. I need one by Wednesday. My fingers are getting really tied I want to go home and go to sleep. But first I want to go workout. The one thing that makes me mad about college is there are so many people that I can’t even find parking. I am always late to class because of parking.





Wed March 6 2013


To day I went to my business class and we are working on a group project that is do 11 weeks from now. I am really nervous and don’t know what to do. So Im just going to ask my friend that had that class last semester to help me because I really need help on it. Next I went to my math class and turns out the class was canceled but. I was really excited to leave because that is one less class I have to worry about.   But then I went across the street go buy something to eat and buy a book that I needed for class. I really wanted to go home but I have this class at 3 so here I am typing my life away. But I really like this class because it really helps a lot in life. I met this girl in my math class and I really think she is really pretty but I am nervous to talk to her. I really wanted to give her my number but instead I added her on Facebook. The move I always do when I want a girl’s number is to add them on Facebook, then message them true Facebook and then say that you have to get off Facebook because my phone is going to die. So then I tell them if they want to talk to me more to text me. And I give them my number and the next thing I know, I get a message from them. SLICK HUH? Anyways I have nothing else to talk about.







March 13


My weekend was fine I had lots of fun with some friends. I went to a small party with friends and had fun. After we went to get some food and went home. The next morning I went to Disneyland and took lots of pictures. Today I woke up and got ready for school. I couldn’t find parking at all. It took me an hour and a half to find parking. Finally I went to class 5 minutes late and did my work. Then I went to my math class. After I got some one to buy a book that I didn’t need anymore and sold it for 40$. I just can’t wait to go home and sleep Im so tired. I have to go to night class today. Tomorrow I have no idea what Im going to do because it’s my day. 












I did not come to school last Monday because I did not feel good and I missed a lot of classes and class work. All day I was trying to get the class work done. And I am tired. I woke up this morning go t ready to go to class at 12 and I got out to go to my math class at 1. Then I am here in English class typing my life away. Anyways my weekend was okay I guess. I go to see my mom in Tijuana. Then I went home and went to my friend’s house to play some video games. After I went to go work out. I got home and went straight to sleep I woke up the next morning and I didn’t feel good that’s why I didn’t come to class. I stood home bored and missing some of my collage friends. L. I have nothing else to say












Monday march 25th 2013


Today I woke up not wanting to come to school. I got up and took a shower then ate breakfast and went to school. I got to my first class and took a very hard test. I was glad we could go after the quiz. Then I went to get something to eat with my friend and went back to class. Then for that class we did a quiz and it was pretty easy. After that class was over I came to this one. Wanted to go home because I felt rally sore. I went to the gym last night and my back is hurting I think I was lifting wrong. Anyways there is this girl I like a lot and she invited me to go to prom with her. I was really happy when she asked me to go with her. Well I have nothing else to say that is my journal for to day.







March 27


Yesterday I went home and went to sleep because I was really tired. I woke up at 10 at night ad couldn’t fall back to sleep so I went to sleep at 6 in the morning and woke up at 10 and got 4 hours of sleep, I woe up really tired. And didn’t want to come to school. I went to all my classes today and I was falling asleep on all of them. Later on tonight I have night class at 7 to 10 3 hours and I have to finish a group project.






April 3 2013


I did not some last Monday cause I wasn’t feeling very good. My head was hurting and I had to miss a lot of classes. Anyways I got to spend more time with my girlfriend last weekend she really liked going to the movies and went to Disneyland together. After we got home we went to go see another movie and that wasn’t really good for me because I almost got in to a fight with some guy that wanted to cut in line. That pretty much messed up my night. But my girlfriend made it better. Im gone stop there… this morning I woke up and went to school. There isn’t nothing new.






April 10 2013



I weekend was all right I can say. I went to the mall with some friends and I got some new shoes. I also went to the movies with my friends and had fun. We went to go eat right after the movie. We watched a really scary movie that I probably wont want to watch again. Today I woke up with my eyes opened. I was really freaked out. I got ready and the went to school. I really didn’t want to come because I was really tired; I went to sleep at 4 in the Morning. Today I have a night class to attend to. And have 4 projects to do in each class. I hate it!







Today I woke up and went to school. I have 4 projects do next week and im really tired. I didn’t get any sleep last night because of school. I really want to go home and sleep. Also I went to the store today and I was a bird taking a shit on top of a car I kind of thought it was funny because I never seen that before. I would be pretty mad if it was mar car but its not.






April 29 2013

Last week I went to prom with my girlfriend and had so much fun. We went to a after party and had fun there I also went to my friends house and drank. The next day I woke up for a job interview and I got the job I was so happy. This weekend im going to the beach with my family and maby go to Disneyland. I always wanted to go to unrevisal studios. 


April 30 2013


Last night I woke up with the scariest dream I ever had in my life. In my dream I saw a man chasing my and while he was running towards me I closed my eyes and opened them again he was gone. I turned around and saw him face to face looking at me like he was going to kill me he had black eyes with pealing skin. I though it was Freddy cougar of a minute. Then I closed my eyes and tried waking up. I felt like I was awake but my body was paralyzed. I couldn’t move or open my eyes I could hear my aunt talking and the baby crying but I still couldn’t move and open my eyes. Thank god my nephew walked in my room and jumped on me to tell me to go downstairs and have breakfast.









May 8 2013


Yesterday I went to work all day and got home really tired. I went to my girlfriend’s house after work and hangout. We went to the movies and watched ironman and pain and gain. That movie was pretty badass I loved it. After I took her home and I went home to go to sleep. Today I went to school and am really boring. Today I have a presentation in my music class. I don’t want to do it but I have to.


02/27/2013    My name is Reynaldo solorio and I like

5 Jun






My name is Reynaldo solorio and I like to whaight lift that is my hobby that I like to do almost everyday. I am 19 years of age and I like to hang out with friends. I am studding to become a firemen but I am not for sure yet I want to do it. I want to be a personal weights trainer for bodybuilding I have interest on it. Last night I didn’t go to sleep early I stood up late playing games. I woke up this morning tired I went to my friends’ house this morning to go pick up my friend to go to school. We have the same class together and I really like it a lot. When I get home I am going to workout and then do my homework and go to sleep. Because I am really tired. I have problems with spelling I really do wish I could fix that I want to stay in school to get to m goal. I also what to get a job so I can get money for myself I am applying for jobs everywhere I live with my aunt and uncle. And I don’t pay rent. The person behind me is a really loud keyboard taper. I think she is doing that to annoy other students. I have nothing to talk about. But my phone in front of me. I have had this phone for a year and I already cracked it. I have no idea what I’m talking about I’m just talking out of my ass I really like this class because I don’t have to buy any books. And I also get to write whatever I want to talk about. That’s all I have to say.




Autobiography  Reynaldo solorio    The way I feel about

5 Jun

Autobiography  Reynaldo solorio



  The way I feel about writing is that I think writing is really use full in life and also really interesting. I like writing about so many things. I mostly like writing about funny stuff it kind of make my day. I sometimes think about the funniest stuff and try to make it into a story. I also like to talk about my life and how things will change overtime. My friends like how I make stuff up and make it funny. And tell jokes. Makes me feel like I can be a comedian. I like to write about stuff like that and it really helps with stress. When I feel down and lonely I sometimes get my journal and start writing about stuff that I don’t like talking about in front of people. I really hate talking about some stuff that I don’t want people to know so that’s why I always write to my self.


they have now invented a new flying-mobile. 200 years

22 May

they have now invented a new flying-mobile. 200 years from now will no gas 

Paradise Pier

17 Apr

who is looking forward to have an air touch screen phone in 200 years?

17 Apr